DOWNLOAD Fifa 19 Connection LAG Glitch Program UDP-Unicorn for Windows

Fifa 18 Draft and Online Season No Loss Glitch Program UDP-Unicorn for Windows



find your ip from :

PS4 connection : wifi PC/Laptop

connection : Ethernet

OS : Windows 10 and Windows 8 works

Works on : Online Draft + Online Season + World Cup Draft

info : İf it doesnt work properly try to share internet from your laptop to your PS4 and try like that.

tutorial link:

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    1. hi bro , all modes behind server so that it doesnt work as before, but mobile hotspot works

  1. i tried this one and it worked in DKT and world cup mode .. but didn’t work in FUT draft .. and when i use it either shows the loading circle (lags for a bit) but the game doesn’t disconnect .. and if i press “attack” button for long it disconnects ME not my opponent ..

    any advice ?

    1. for me it works for draft and online season but not için DKT and world cup mode, i think that diffrence occurs becasue of diffrent internet services in countries. dont have sotion yet.

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